Accipiter Academy

Why we call it the “Accipiter” academy…  Click here to find out


The Accipiter Academy is  dedicated to preparing students for college through rigorous coursework in a academy setting.  The Accipiter Academy offers students the opportunity to begin earning credit for college (45+ credits may be earned) while meeting the requirements to earn the AICE diploma.


minimum 3.0 GPA (taking into account quarter 4 of 7th grade and quarters 1 & 2 of 8th grade)

  • minimum level 4 on FSA ELA & Math
  • successful completion of Algebra I by end of 8th grade
  • submit an Accipiter Application


Apply to our Accipiter Academy here: Seminole Ridge Accipiter Academy Application

Course Sequence:

9th grade:

  1. AICE General Paper
  2. Geometry Honors or higher
  3. Biology 1 Honors
  4. AICE Thinking Skills or AICE Travel & Tourism
  5. Spanish 1 or French 1
  6. Physical Education
  7. Academy or other elective

10th grade:

  1. AICE English Language
  2. Algrebra II Honors or higher
  3. Chemistry Honors
  4. AICE International History
  5. Spanish II or French II
  6. AICE Environmental Management, AICE Marine Science, AICE Psychology, or      AICE Computer Science
  7. Academy or AP/AICE elective

11th grade:

  1. AP English Language or AICE English Literature
  2. AICE Math or higher
  3. AP/AICE Science Choice
  4. AP U.S. History or AICE US History
  5. Spanish III Honors or French III Honors
  6. AICE Global Perspectives
  7. Academy or AP/AICE elective

12th grade:

  1. AP English Literature or AICE Literature
  2. AP/AICE Math or higher
  3. AP/AICE Science choice
  4. Economics/U.S. Government (AP Recommended)
  5. AICE Spanish or AICE French
  6. AP/AICE elective
  7. Academy or AP/AICE/DE elective recommended


AP = Advanced Placement (College level course)

AICE = Advanced International Certificate of Examination (College level course)

DE = Dual Enrollment