Information Technology

Overview:  Seminole Ridge High School’s IT Academy is divided into TWO areas. choose from.

  • Graphic Design – focuses on design programs used in art and industry:  adobe-illustratorAdobe Illustrator®, adobe-in-designAdobe InDesign®, adobe-flashAdobe Flash®, and adobe-dreamweaverAdobe Dreamweaver®.  Students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications in Adobe Graphic Arts programs.
Requirements:  Students must complete an academy application.  Students must be in the Seminole Ridge attendance zone or be assigned to this school through another choice program.  Eligible students must submit an In house Academy Application to apply for this academy.
Course Sequence:
The student’s academy course is taken as an elective course in addition to the required core curriculum.
  • Microsoft IT 
    • 9th grade – Tech Support I
    • 10th grade –  Tech Support II
    • 11th grade –  Tech Support III
    • 12th grade –  Tech Support IV
  • Graphic Arts
    • 9th grade – Comm Tech 1
    • 10th grade –  Comm Tech 2
    • 11th grade –  AICE Graphic Arts AS level
    • 12th grade –  AICE Graphic Arts A level