AICE Diploma

The Cambridge AICE Diploma Award involves the selection of subjects from three curriculum areas – Mathematics and Sciences; Languages; Arts and Humanities – as well as taking the core class, AS Level Global Perspectives. Students select from a wide range of subjects available at International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and Advanced (A) Level. The AICE diploma is earned by students in ADDITION to the regular high school diploma and can be used as an alternative method of qualification for the Bright Futures Scholarship. 

The AICE Diploma requires the study of subjects drawn from three curriculum areas. These three broad areas are:

  • Mathematics and Sciences (Group 1)
  • Languages (Group 2)
  • Arts and Humanities (Group 3)

In addition, students must take one core AICE class: AS Level Global Perspectives.

To obtain an AICE Diploma, candidates will be required:

  • to be entered for it
  • to obtain a total of at least 7 credits by passing AICE exams (1 credit for AS Level or a total of 2 credits for A Level exams)
  • to obtain those credits in 3 consecutive school years (exams must be passed within a 25-month window)
  • to obtain at least one credit in each of the three curriculum groups.
  •  to pass the AS level Global Perspectives exam

AICE diploma award requirements and the courses offered at Seminole Ridge High School can be found here: AICE Diploma and AICE tracking sheet.

For more information on the AICE diploma, visit Cambridge’s website at: